How Moss Can Affect Your Roof

Moss can become inconvenient, especially if you live in more humid climates. Over time, moss can start to take over the walls and roof of your home. The longer the moss stays stagnant, the more likely it will cause you problems. You might have questions if you’ve never dealt with overgrown moss on your roof. Keep reading to find out how moss begins to grow on your roof, what the damage can look like, and, most importantly, how Premier South Roofing can help you prevent moss buildup in the future.

How Moss Gets On Your Roof

As a non-flowering plant, moss thrives in a moisture-rich environment accompanied by shade. The presence of a hot Summer sun will quickly cause any excess moisture in the air to evaporate and dry up. However, if your roof is shaded with trees (think big, beautiful Oaks), the shade will slow the evaporation process and cause the moisture to sit for long periods. Over this time, moss can begin to feed, causing it to grow rapidly. 

Since it’s uncommon to check your roof every day, it’s unlikely that you’ll even notice the moss at first. By the time you notice your new fuzzy green roof, the damage is already there. 

How Moss Can Damage Your Roof

While moss itself is harmless to humans, your roof isn’t totally out of the clear. Moss holds a great deal of water; if left untreated, the moss can begin to get heavy. That extra weight on your roof can eventually cause it to sag or even collapse. 

However, that’s only talking about weight. Since moss holds water, your roof is also more susceptible to water damage, which contains many issues of its own such as roof leaks, wiring issues, and dangerous mold growth, to name a few. 

How Premier South Roofing Can Help!

At Premier South Roofing, we offer routine maintenance for residential and commercial roofing. This means we will come out to your property and run a routine maintenance check on your roof to determine if any issues need addressing.

This could include problems such as a damaged roof, a roof leak, moss buildup, punctures and cracks, and anything else that we might notice that needs attention. If an issue is detected, we will come up with a plan to resolve the problem and repair the damage. 

Don’t let a little moss become a big problem. Contact us today or visit our website for more information on our services

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